The Asylum Bondage Fursuit/Murrsuit

(CLICK ON PICTURES OR LINK BELOW TO GO TO PRODUCT) is proud to present the very first commercially available bondage Fursuit/Murrsuit that is realistically usable for play.

Created by SeeRexPlay, These are one piece lockable suits. Any creature can be made, and they are able to freely walk con floors (with shorts of course if a sheath is opted for)



Once locked in, you can not get out. Of course, once you realize that this is not your normal fursuit, you may not mind to rest a spell.

For sunk in to the fur, under both arms and between the legs are heavy duty zippers reinforced in to the material it is designed to hold. Once they are zipped down and locked, you are at the mercy of what ever creature holds your key.

Also includes under tail zipper and open underside of footpaw design so feet can be tortured as well.

Price: $1300.00


Video’s of suit in action coming soon



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